Editorial 2020

Dear readers, 

This issue of the Creations Journal comes to you as a beacon in a trying time. We may be stuck inside, but our words shimmy out of the closed doors and sneak through shut windows because they are all that can. It is important for creators to come together, now more than ever. Staying creative will help us emerge from this time with a new perspective. 

Thank you to all our courageous contributors for their spectacular submissions.

Thank you to Dr. Andrea Strudensky, Creative Writing Workshop professor, and Dr. Liana Bellon, Integrating Activity professor, for always encouraging us to step outside our boundaries.

And last of all, thank you to Dr. Pauline Morel, the Literature profile coordinator, for helping us make the creation of this Journal possible. 

In troubled times, we are all turning to art for comfort. Feel free to turn to us. 


The Editors

Julia Bifulco, Sophia Canzonieri, Nina Cloutier, Talia Kliot and Chelsea Moore


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