Creations 2022

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” ― William Shakespeare, The Tempest Dear Readers, Like butterflies from the chrysalis, we’ve emerged from the interior world of the pandemic into fields of flight. We celebrate with an issue dedicated to dreams – the intimate, ephemeral, magical, disturbing,Continue reading “Creations 2022”

Table of Contents for our 2022 Journal!

(author’s name links to their work) Artworks Dreamers by Max Stutman Art by Alejandra Sanchez Vallejo Poetry Sleep, Rest, Dreaming, and all the beautiful deaths they lie between. by Adrian Darwent Symposium of the Loved One by Nathaniël Nagano-Deschamps Scream within a Dream by Marco Deveaux Quad Dreaming a collaborative poem by 2022 ALC studentsContinue reading “Table of Contents for our 2022 Journal!”


a collaborative poem by the 2022 ALC students of SarahBurgoyne’s Literature and Creative Practice class Each stanza was written simultaneously in response to Beckett’s wordless, made for TV play Quad (1981).In the play, four dancers dressed in long anonymous robes tread a square in fixedpatterns, avoiding a “danger zone” at the centre of the square.Continue reading “QUAD, DREAMING”

Mourning Morning by Stefanie Capozzo

I crack an egg into a pan. Its exhale is stifled. The splatter sizzles almighty, like spilling someone’s soul on the floor to gaze upon. I wonder what it’d be like, spilling into my own obsidian unknown. After all, how magical a fluid’s travels must be! Flowing through life in ancient moats and surrounding theContinue reading “Mourning Morning by Stefanie Capozzo”

Sleep, Rest, Dreaming, and all the beautiful deaths they lie between. by Adrian Darwent

Revisit the right of perennial rest Before familiar fading flared the fire Before me, Marx, Madonna, and Macbeth Before strung dolls danced to their dreamt desire Before their ticking told the time for tea When we would live like lithium light bulbs And we will always wander past ennui And we will heighten hell toContinue reading “Sleep, Rest, Dreaming, and all the beautiful deaths they lie between. by Adrian Darwent”

A Song to Bill 96 by Eden Daniel

Stained glass spring open,Peel out a melody,What other place could I belong?Who better to dance with than a song?Shine! Shine!Let elixirs cross the street,I felt someone had paved for me.Bind! Bind!The scepter stomps in a crack.How it spirals out a loveOf teeth.When the mountain tries to move;It drags a forest behind it.And as blood getsContinue reading “A Song to Bill 96 by Eden Daniel”

Woolgathering by Djamila Milette Mostefaï

The first inevitable and truly sorrowful lesson we all come to face is the acceptance thatit is impossible to dream a good dream twice. We all come to grieve that brief window offreedom spent away from everything and everyone else in our vociferous world. Soon, we learnto carefully admire the heavenly mist behind that window.Continue reading “Woolgathering by Djamila Milette Mostefaï”