By Eleni Andonatos Schellenburg Hand over your Medicare Card. Announce your appointment time and who you are going to meet. You don’t know their name? You are here for a pre-scheduled appointment with the emergency doctor. Are you new here? Speak louder so that you can be heard through the glass. Please register your addressContinue reading “Patient”

Dawson Library Daydream

By Talia Kliot Even the plates have character in the country. I imagine that someone meticulously painted on the blue and yellow flowers, each petal a careful stroke. The pancakes are piled up and steam seeps out of their fluffy pores, the smell of browned edges wafting through the fresh, country air. If I makeContinue reading “Dawson Library Daydream”

The Society of Frogs

By Tanis Korzekwa INT. RANDAL’S OFFICE – AFTERNOON The office is messy, file cabinets that line the south wall have the occasional random, half-open drawer. There’s a carpet on the floor in the center of the room with various stains on it. Its colors are so faded its old pattern is virtually unidentifiable. RANDAL, 39,Continue reading “The Society of Frogs”