Silver Tides

Written by: Sophia Magliocca The tides are coming in closer now. Under the crystal moon, she sees your shadow stretched over the left side of a short cliff. She keeps her blurred eyes fixed on the water while you walk endlessly towards her. There is a radiant darkness in your eyes. The water runs deep.Continue reading “Silver Tides”

Want to Join our Group of Student Editors?

Want to join our group of student editors? If you’re a Literature Profile student interested in the publishing world, Creations provides the chance to develop your critical eye, gain editing experience, and participate in organizing a book launch, held during the spring ALC Festival. Send requests to: Pauline Morel, Ph.D. Literature Profile Coordinator Room # 3D.5 pmorel@dawsoncollege.qc.caContinue reading “Want to Join our Group of Student Editors?”

How To Submit

Want to be published? For aspiring writers and artists in the ALC program, the journal offers a valuable opportunity to submit academic and creative pieces and benefit from the feedback of an editorial team. The Creations Journal is happy to accept submissions, at any time, from any student in the Arts, Literature and Communication program. We willContinue reading “How To Submit”

2018 Editorial

Dear readers, Our group of graduating students in the Literature Profile have worked on making this Creations Literary Journal available online for the first time since its publication in 2001. Here you will find everything creative and nothing dull! Our aim is to publish the creative works of Dawson students in the Arts, Literature andContinue reading “2018 Editorial”

About Us

Since 2001, Dawson’s Creations journal has been an annual anthology of students’ creative and academic works. It serves as a yearbook of sorts for each graduating class in the Literature Profile, but also welcomes work from all students in ALC courses. Edited by graduating students in the Literature Profile, the journal features essays, poetry, shortContinue reading “About Us”