Scream within a Dream by Marco Deveaux

I woke up groggy and unsure, Head turned and felt the sun beam on my face through the window, My lips were dry as chalk as the world spun. My bed was rocking from side to side, I felt like I was on a boat going through choppy waters, The screaming coming from my rightContinue reading “Scream within a Dream by Marco Deveaux”

The Boy Who Loved The Sun By Noémie Brisson

Icarus thought he was very much like the moon, and he often found himself gazing upadmiringly at it. Unlike himself, the moon was free, up and alive in the sky, gleamingproudly for all to see. Although Icarus wished to be free, he and his father could not escape easily, for the labyrinththat imprisoned them wasContinue reading “The Boy Who Loved The Sun By Noémie Brisson”

To My Darling, My Love, My Human

By Eleni Andonatos Schellenburg   I smell something nice; I smell something great: It’s the trash from the snacks and the food on my plate!    Forgive me, please feed me, I won’t wait forever. On the desk, on a chest, I’ll eat it wherever.    Once I hunger no longer, I’ll jump on mother’sContinue reading “To My Darling, My Love, My Human”