Scream within a Dream by Marco Deveaux

I woke up groggy and unsure,

Head turned and felt the sun beam on my face through the window,

My lips were dry as chalk as the world spun.

My bed was rocking from side to side, I felt like I was on a boat going through choppy waters,

The screaming coming from my right ear wasn’t outside,

I dug my face in a pillow and screamed back.

The scene shifted as the clouds broke the sun’s rays,

Rain pelted the ground as my eyes burned from the light in my room.

I drew aside the blinds and saw the purple sky streaked by a yellow bolt.

The lightning split the ground and the scream became speech,

“wake up”

I jumped from the window.

The impact never came as I jumped out of bed, this time energized.

My eyes were like lasers pulsing through whatever came in front,

I dashed downstairs and went for a run,

The downhill beginning always makes for an easy start,

With each stride I pick up

The pace is heightened and my breath grows shorter,

Need to calm myself down as the car honks beside me,

Did I just run a stop sign?

I reach the side of the water,

The river pushing beside me, broken waves beached.

A swarm of small flies circle and buzz ahead of me,

I close my mouth and run through them,

The river screams, the river is a girl,

A girl floating at the top, her face in the water.

I bury my face in my hands and drop to my knees,

“No, no, not again”

The words slip through my fingers as my body trembles,

The scream becomes screams, streams of tears as I hit the deck,

My body collapsing to the ground on the bicycle path,

A cyclist pressing his bell, a man pulling over,

His Tribute changes to a Harley,

The laser in my eyes diminishes,

The screams pour through the canals of my ears.

I wake up again and grab my throat,

The screaming only starts once I let go,

So I, hold on. 

Dear Life, bring to me the fruition of pain

But subside what I deem an unnecessary relapse of Dreams.

I let go.

She screams, he screams.

Where did the muffin man go?

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