A Song to Bill 96 by Eden Daniel

Stained glass spring open,
Peel out a melody,
What other place could I belong?
Who better to dance with than a song?
Shine! Shine!
Let elixirs cross the street,
I felt someone had paved for me.
Bind! Bind!
The scepter stomps in a crack.
How it spirals out a love
Of teeth.
When the mountain tries to move;
It drags a forest behind it.
And as blood gets in your hair;
You’ll find out if we’ll leave in peace.
Drink Moon Mist in the muddy sun;
Skip out till our toes reach the sea,
Or stay.
To repaint our stray old homes;
To touch the remnants of a threat.
All to dream up
What language a song is in.
All because it is unknown,
That songs have no language.
Save for a hearty beat.


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